Fresh Approach to Facebook Ads

Fresh Approach to Facebook Ads

I believe with all my heart that I can get virtually any message, in front of virtually anyone, at virtually any time.

That’s one bold claim.

If it stands true, it would mean either I’m one of the most powerful people on the planet, or there’s some trailblazing technology I’ve got my hands on.

Here’s a hint. I’m not one of the most powerful people on the planet. 🙂

So what is this incredible technology that allows for such a bold claim? Well, unless you skipped the title of this blog, you know I’m talking about none other than the Facebook Ads platform.

But here’s the deal. Marketers, even great marketers, fail miserably with Facebook Ads and run for the hills claiming foul.

In the next few paragraphs, I’m not only going to explain why that is, but I’m going to provide a slight twist in the way you view Facebook Ads which may unlock the secret to leveraging their power.

Let’s Start Here...

One of the big reasons people fail at Facebook ads is that people misunderstand the use of them.

The entire term "ad" somehow turns the advertiser into some hype machine, instead of realizing that Facebook Ads should be seen as perhaps the most intelligent messaging platform that ever existed.

What do I mean by messaging platform?

I tell my client's often to start by “trashing” the idea that Facebook ads are indeed "ads."

Instead, I encourage them to adopt the notion that the ads that they create are more like 1000's of their very own "digital ambassadors" that they commission to send out to find, educate, rally awareness and attract the best prospects to their product, service, or cause.

Ads should carry messages, not hype. Value, not slogans.

Facebook Ads should carry messages, not hype. Value, not slogans.

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If you could send out 10,000 “messengers” to targeted prospects about your business, what would you want them to say? How would you want them to behave?

How would you want to be perceived? How would you want them to represent your business?

Ahh, now we're getting close.You see, this is how I view Facebook Ads.

Now, I completely realize that in this often scammy, hype-filled marketing industry; my perspective is largely in the minority. Many preach ads because of the quick money results, and will make their message all about the ability to "rake in the cash."

This disrespect for the ads platform has caused many to be put off by ads. It’s also led to accounts being banned and certainly resulted in many unsuccessful campaigns.

Perhaps many fail at ads because they've errantly learned that "marketing" is synonymous with "advertising." It's not.

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Marketing is about communication.

Great marketing is about intelligently adapting a message of interest, relevantly articulated to the right person.

Advertising is simply the "vehicle" you use to deploy your digital ambassadors with your marketing message.

Here’s how I’m trying to help you think alternatively about ads...

When you don’t think of them as “advertisements” and as a way to “rake in the cash” you open your mind to what I see as the REAL power of the Facebook Ad platform.

Namely: To use the ad platform’s precision accuracy and global reach to educate, inform, share, and bring awareness to your vision. To your life’s calling. To your cause, and yes, even to creating relationships.

Wow. Imagine that?

Counterintuitively using an ad platform from the way everyone tells you to use it and instead utilize it to create new, real, vision-based relationships.

After all dear friends, Facebook is "first" a Social Network.

So your options are to respect that Facebook is a social platform, not made up with people surfing with commercial intent and ignore it all together. Or you can choose to leverage the historic platform in “out-of-the-box” ways to rally relationships around your message & your brand.

Create friends and followers before fans and financial gain. Please do yourself a favor.

Don’t waste your life writing "ads." Instead, create value and use the ground-breaking ad platform to deliver it to your market. It’s a genuinely unique opportunity in time to leverage the world’s most sophisticated ad platform, to get your message in front of virtually anyone, at virtually any time.

But the clock is ticking...

If you need more validation or crazy awesomeness of what you can do with Facebook Ads, check out my intro video for yourself where I offer my FB Insiders Report - a premium monthly training newsletter dedicated to helping you win with Facebook ads.

Either way, don't waste your time and money writing commercial ads on a social platform, but equally as important, don't ignore the power of the platform because of all the misinformation internet marketers have dished out.

The world is at your fingertips... communicate well.