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Meet Will Irish

Will & Alycia




Will is the Author & Founder of the popular “FB Insiders Report” that's dedicated to keeping marketing professionals and entrepreneurs current with all things Facebook Ads.

As a Certified Professional Coach, Will has served thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners by helping them design, launch and optimize their Facebook Ad marketing strategies across a wide variety of verticals.

At the time of this writing, he's currently one of's only 5-Star rated Facebook Ad Experts, with a minimum of 50 consulting calls or more. He currently charges $250 per hour and up for the limiting time he has available for coaching and is directly responsible for several top tier start-up marketing campaigns.

Will strategically sits on the Panel of Experts for to in order to trade his deep knowledge of Facebook Advertising and digital marketing strategy to share the proceeds with the less fortunate in his local community. He carries a particular burden for homeless men and women and their children.

Will's passion for teaching has led to authoring more than 30 different training courses, books, and workshops since 1999. Being an early adopter to Facebook Ads the very month they launched in 2007, Will now enjoys sharing his unique perspective and the opportunity for the ad platform with audiences & clients around the globe.



Residing outside Charlottesville, VA, Will is married to the love of his life, Alycia, with whom they have the blessing of raising their 3 beautiful daughters. (Yes, Will feels vastly outnumbered!)

Being able to work from home in an office backed up against the woods in the middle of the country, Will enjoys adventures through the deep woods with his girls, pre-sunrise walks to the lake, and the fresh crisp air from the Shenandoah Moutain Valley.

Will and his wife are devoted Christians and desire to share the love of Christ in all they do. The house rarely holds a dull moment with the family home, but it's here where reading is treasured over TV, and a simple walk around the quiet neighborhood trumps the best movie in the Cinema.



Will is currently working on a brand new 30-day coaching program which will launch as the Inspired Entrepreneur Challenge which will aim to serve both dads and moms in an opportunity to build a business from home. At its core, Will has a vision for uniting the family once again, which is counter-cultural with single income families today, by coaching groups through stages of self-discovery, intensive learning, creative thinking, and online business launching.

His goal is to help people discover work they were designed to do.

To learn more about the Inspired Entrepreneur Challenge, join the waiting list for first notification of the next Webinar at


Facebook Ads provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your message in front of virtually anyone, virtually anywhere, at virtually any time. Do you have a dream? A desire for an online business? Do you have a tug on your heart that you were made to do something you haven't quite put your finger on?

Or maybe you think you have it zeroed in, but you need help defining and designing the right audiences so you can reach them with your message? Maybe even, you want to hear more about my faith in Jesus Christ and better understand how you can find true and lasting peace with God?

I wonder… do any of those things resonate with you?

I hope so because when it comes down to it, my story is really about helping awesome people that just need a coach & trainer to link arms with them.

With my expertise in Facebook Ads and my love to coach and serve entrepreneurs & dreamers who want to turn their passion into profit, well, who knows… maybe we need to chat?

So if you're interested in Facebook Ad coaching, or digital entrepreneurship, check out my coaching options.

You can find me at either where I raise money for homeless children and families in exchange for my coaching.

Or for specific one-on-one video coaching, check out

Either way, I'm grateful for you reading this far, and I'd be honored to serve you in any way I can.

All the best!

Will Irish


PS – Yes, we're New England Patriots fans. Deal with it. If it's any consolation, I was born and raised in New England and I sat in their old stadium when they considered two wins a year as a sign of future hope.  🙂