Facebook Targeting Made Easy: How To Identify Your Perfect Prospects Before Touching Facebook Ads

Facebook Targeting Made Easy

How would it feel to log into Facebook Ads knowing EXACTLY which targeting selections you will choose?


That's how it feels. I'll explain…

The #1 most common reason people fail with Facebook Ads is that they wait to define & target their ideal audiences until they log in to place an ad.

Big mistake…

Can You Guess Why?

There are over 150 different targeting options hidden behind toggles & drop-down menus inside Facebook Ads. Shoot straight with me for a minute and tell me that you've never hovered your mouse over a section thinking to yourself; “ooh, what's under this category?

Curiously clicking around over one million unique targeting combinations is a sure-fire way to fail. It's critical to define your targeting audience before creating your ad. Not only does it do wonders for creative relevance, but you know which options to group together to segment your targeting.

Curiously clicking around tons of different Facebook targeting options is a sure way to fail. Define, then create Click To Tweet

Oh I know the drill.

You get innocently lured into the next section exploring what you might uncover, only to leave you feverishly re-clicking every switch & control minutes later, praying you can find that “sweet” demographic you passed over moments ago.

Problem Solved!

None of us are immune to the curiosity click adventures deep within the bowels of a billion dollar data mine. I'm guilty as charged… but here's why that's good news for you.

I spent several hours extracting every single targeting option out from under the hood. This became my personal cheat-sheet that literally hangs 3 feet in front of me to consult for every single ad that I place. When I want to run an ad, I literally highlight or circle each option without ever opening Facebook. That's when the magic happens.

Leadmagnet Targeting Mag Stack with hand get this

With precision clicks, I now fly through the ad targeting section like a boss. So, I've prettied this cheat sheet up and made it available for free to those that understand the powerful value of being able to see “it all” at a mere glance.

It's now evident that Facebook advertisers “get it” because at the time of publishing this post, it's been downloaded over 800 times in the past 9 days alone.

I'll do my best to keep it updated and send out each new edition, just promise me you'll use it.


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